Waste to Energy Project Development:

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Waste to Energy Project Development:
There are many applications of Waste-to-Energy. First, a country must build a processing plant to separate recyclable material from waste. Then, from separation there are multiple applications to generate power and bio fuel (bio diesel) to palletization of waste to burning as fuel. There is also an opportunity to sell processed trash; there are currently about ten nations buying processed waste for power generation.
Our approach is to help the governments or utility companies to establish True Waste Management processes where it’s not in place. To do this, the country needs to have the following:
* Material Processing Facility (process waste and remove recyclable material and hybrid waste)
* Transfer Station
* Energy from Waste Plant
Key services we provide in WTE project development and the requirements:
* Feasibility Study (must be industry standard for lenders)
* Business Plan (must be developed on the feasibility study for lenders)
* Technology & Vendor Procurement
* Land for development of facilities and power plant
* Local Government and State licensing approval
* Power Purchase Agreement to Long-term
* Local Banking for startup financing
We can deliver non-biased, independent work studies, feasibility studies and business plans for clients interested in converting municipal, industrial and agricultural waste materials as well as other materials into useful energy

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